Privacy Policy

In order to protect the privacy of our users (hereinafter referred to as "customer information") we adhere to the following privacy policy.

1 -The Protection of Customer Information

This information will be provided by the user on a voluntary basis for the purposes of using this service.

  • We will comply with all relevant laws and regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act and handle user information properly. We will do our best to meet and exceed the standards set by these regulations.
  • All employees and relevant connected businesses also agree to this careful handling of customer information.
  • When collecting customer information we will explain why we are collecting the information and use it only for it's stated and intended use.

2 - Range of Use and the Purpose of Collection

This sites utilizes customer information for various purposes.

  • To send information and notifications to the customer.
  • Customer information and customer questionaires may be used for product planning, product development, and improving customer satisfaction.
  • The purposes for collecting customer information will be made clear. Upon the acquisition of customer information that information will be handled in accordance with its intended use.
  • Customer information may be required to respond quickly to customer inquires and to improve customer service.

3 - Provision of Customer Information

Except for in the following cases this service does not disseminate customer information provided by the customer to any third party.

  • For the purposes of shipping items, required documents and notifications.
  • For outside company production off this site, development, management and operation.
  • For non-personally identifiable statistical processing.
  • For verifying customer information.
  • The customer may confirm, correct, change, or remove their customer information by contacting customer service by email or telephone.
  • We will do our best to meet and exceed the standards set by these regulations.